Company overview of the company Pannon Lud Ltd

The plant of Pannon Lud Ltd is located in the south-eastern part of Hungary, in the county called Békés megye. The company is solely involved in the procession of waterfowls (such as young duck and young goose and meat goose), its profile includes slaughtering, cutting, chilling, delivery and sale as well as the production of spiced and  semifinished meat products.

Since its foundation our company has made through several owner changes.

The last transformation was effected in the first quarter of 2009, when the factory broke up with the procession of fatty products and – just like the mother company Kiskunhalas poultry processing Ltd – started to process young duck, young goose and meat goose on May 7th, 2009.

Around 80% of the products are exported. The export sales mainly go to EU countries (e.g. Germany, France) but we also maintain business relations with Switzerland, Hong Kong, Japan, China and Russia.

Pannon Lud Ltd has a total businnes area of 36.700 sqm with an inbuilt area of 31,5%. The factory has been one of the biggest producers and exporters of the Hungarian poultry industry since its foundation.

In 2014, we had a total of 230 employees. With its high processing capacity, the plant manages to process 4000 pieces of young ducks per hour and  2000 pieces of young and/or meat geese per hour.

We maintain a quality management system according to ISO 9001-2009 and a HACCP system, both meeting the requirements of the EU as well.

To meet the requirements of our export customers as well, in 2005 we established our food safety system according to the standards IFS and BRC, and have maintained it ever since.

Address of the processing factory: H-5800 Mezőkovácsháza, Battonyai út 4/1.

Products: Young duck, young and meat goose in whole or cut, different packagings and designs.